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We provide comprehensive billing solutions to our clients and our goal is “First Time Right”. When the claims are sent correctly first time, this will enable quicker payments and avoid denials / rejections. Our Billing experts work closely with physicians to understand their billing rules and coordinate with clearing house to ensure all the edits are addressed to ensure timely filing.

Payment posting

Payment posting is a manual and intensive process. Incorrect payments and failing to reconcile will lead to delays in cashflow. Our team of Payment posters can help with posting EOBs, correspondences and balance transfers accurately and will ensure quick turn around of batches.

A/R Follow up

Our team of experienced AR follow up reps takes a very strategic approach addressing outstanding accounts by identifying trends & opportunities, prioritizing claims of similar nature leading to bulk resolution. With the thorough knowledge of payor policies, local coverage determinations, medical necessity, our expert team will help reducing outstanding AR and improve overall net collections.

Denial & Appeals Management

Lack of resources and expertise in denial avoidance causes millions of dollars loss for practices. Our Denial management experts not only resolve denials but share insights to upstream teams such as Coding and Billing to avoid such denials. Detailed analysis of denials, finding the root cause & preventive actions are our approach on Denial avoidance and Management process. Appeals are done with a thorough understanding of payor rules, local coverage determinations and federal guidelines.